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We offer several workshops at various times throughout the year. Below is a brief description of each workshop currently available. If you would like to know more details about specific times, costs, venues, etc, please write to or call 077634 07631 with your particular enquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

As Marit is on Maternity Leave, there is a hold on the workshops currently, we expect that they shall begin to be offered once more in the later part of 2013, sorry for any disappointment.

Hridaya Meditation Retreat Weekend with Sahajananda,
4 day retreat held at Lendrick Lodge, near Callender
This silent retreat includes meditation, yoga, lectures and relaxation. We shall be learning about the Hridaya style of meditation from one of the most wonderfully experienced teachers in the world.

Location: Lendrick Lodge - it is about an hour out of Glasgow in the beautiful Trossachs, up near Callander in beautiful countryside. (FK17 8HR).  We have the lodge to ourselves, so it will be calm and quiet. This is a fantastic venue, clean and warm with wonderful healthy veggie food and a great custom made meditation room and a spacious, light yoga room. If you need help with transport, please let me know and we can arrange lifts up from Glasgow. 

Content:This will be a meditation retreat weekend, mostly in silence. It is a very practical retreat where we shall experience stillness first hand through quiet, meditation, yoga, and other techniques. Sahajananda will gently guide and support us each step of the way deeper into ourselves explaining beautifully and clearly deep, transformational spiritual concepts that have eluded us before. This retreat is for everyone, experienced meditators will enjoy being supported by this supreme level of teacher and will see how much of an impact to their practice it can have. Also it is a very supportive space for complete beginners, and you will have an excellent start to your meditation career, learning techniques that you can use for the rest of your life. Sahajananda has taken me from complete novice to present day regular practitioner and I have always felt benefited by time spent with him. We shall be using the Hridaya meditation technique, which is of the form of Self Inquiry, in the tradition of Ramana Maharishi, using especially the focus on the Heart. Please see his website for more information -

Prices: You will have accommodation for the 3 nights, plus all meals from Thursday lunch to Sunday lunch, and all teachings included. The cost is dependent on which kind of room you would like (the single and twin rooms are limited, if you would like one, please let me know as soon as possible to avoid disappointment).

Single - 325

Twin - 285 each (please let me know who would be sharing)

Dorm Room - 255 (these are rooms of 3 or 4 people – if you are coming in a group and wish to be together please let me know)

All rooms share bathrooms. We are the only event in the Lodge that weekend so anyone you share with will be on the course with us. If you would like to have special food arrangements (vegan or gluten free) it is also an extra charge, please let me know if this is the case.

(Concession rates - I am afraid that we are making the course as cheap as possible and the prices above are just covering costs and so I am not able to offer a concession rate lower than the 255 Dorm. If anyone would really like to come and cannot afford it, please contact me and we can see what we can arrange.) 

I am happy to accept payment in chunks if you feel that it would be easier for you to cover, let me know and we can arrange it.

Booking on: Even if you have already shown an interest, please book on properly now by emailing me and letting me know

1. What kind of room you would like

2. Any food specifications (vegan or gluten free only with surplus charge) beyond vegetarian

3. If you need transport 

4. Please send a deposit of 100 by cheque, or direct bank transfer to me to secure your place.

I will send out information to all participants prior to coming on with a guide to what to bring and what to expect.   

If you have any further questions please let me know, and I look forward to spending that time with you, it will be really special :)




Hatha Yoga Beginners Introduction - 1/2 day

4 hours: 25 (15 concession)

This workshop offers an introduction to the basics of Hatha Yoga, you will learn techniques which you will be able to take away and practice yourself to start reducing your stress, having more energy, sleeping better, etc. You will learn how to breath using the whole of your lungs, in a very efficient way, which has many benefits from increased oxygen in the body to a more calm, focused mind. You will also be given a complete practice session that we will go through in detail so you are confident following it on your own. The course comes with full notes on the content.

This workshop is suitable for those who would like to:


  • Sample Yoga before committing to a block of classes,
  • Build up confidence before group classes,
  • Join a group class which has already been running for a few blocks,
  • Refresh after a prolonged period away from Yoga,
  • Etc.

We will start with a brief general introduction that will include a look at the background to the Yoga system and a brief overview of Hatha Yoga. Next we will go through the full yoga breath. We will then do a class together, starting from the absolute basics, and making you familiar with the different aspects of a Yoga class, including warm ups, asanas (postures) and relaxation. After a discussion on the practice we will look at some of the other fundamental aspects of practice, including the use of the breath, props, meditation and sun salutations.

This is a gentle and fun introduction to Yoga and suitable for everyone.


Esoteric Traditional Tantra Yoga Beginners Introduction - 1/2 day

4 hours: 25 (15 concession)

This workshop offers a basic introduction to Esoteric Traditional Tantra Yoga, suitable for those who would like to:


  • Sample Tantra Yoga before committing to the block of Tantra classes with White Lotus Yoga,
  • Join the group Tantra class which has already been running for a few blocks,
  • Increase their knowledge of Yoga beyond the physical aspects,
  • Understand how their knowledge of the cakras etc fit into the Yoga system,
  • Etc.

Esoteric Tradition Tantra Yoga goes beyond the physical aspects of the poses and looks towards the energetic and spiritual implications of learning Yoga. The workshop begins with a discussion of the Tantra Yoga system and the fundamental principles that underlie it. In addition, we will consider the energy of the body, including the main nadis (energy lines) and cakras (energetic centers) of the body and how we work with them in Yoga. We shall perform a class together putting into practice the aspects discussed in the morning. This class is suitable for all levels of students.

This workshop is as informative for complete beginners as it is for those who have been practicing Yoga for years as it brings traditional teachings into a modern setting for those who wish to take their practice to a more esoteric level. There is no prerequisite for this workshop, but a working knowledge of Yoga or energy may enhance your experience.


Prana Workshop- 6 hours (with 1 hour break for lunch)

40 (20 concession or repeat)


This is a specialised workshop looking into the subject of prana/energy, where I have specialised training and experience. We consider the fundamental principles of prana and the way we can work with it during our Yoga practice, and our daily lives. Understanding our own bodies energy, from your dominant cakras, to any blocks, to your vitality, negative emotions, etc, can be incredibly beneficial in our understanding of ourselves.


Just as some people have brown eyes and some blue, some people are tall and others short, we all have a specific energetic make up too. This workshop will beginn to show you what your energetic qualities are, and we will look at some of the many tools we have in Yoga for working with, and accessing, this aspect of your being. You will hopefully leave with a better understanding of the way in which your body works, on a more subtle level.


This workshop can be helpful to anyone with an interest in energy, not necessarily just Yoga practitioners. There are no prerequisites to join the day.

Basic Anatomy and Physiology of the body and Purification in Yoga - 1/2 day

3 hours


The physical body is going to be our companion for the whole of our lives, and how we treat it can influence whether it is friend or foe. This workshop aims to help those who do not have a basic working knowledge of what is going on under their skin. This knowledge can assist greatly in connecting you to your body and understanding how to improve its daily running. Basic Anatomy and Physiology: We will review the body, most specifically the organs of the body, and their functions. Yoga Kriyas: the Yogis have an entire system related to the purification, cleansing, of the body - Kriya Yoga. We shall consider the importance of purity from the yogic perspective and discuss the practical aspects of several of these kriya practices. By the end of the workshop you will know a set of basic and highly effective cleansing practices which you can use daily. There is no prerequisite for this workshop, except an open mind!


The Breath, the Spine and the Energy of the Body (level 1) - 1 day

6 hours: 9-12, 1-4pm

This workshop has many facets that compliment those who already have some experience of Yoga and want to understand a little more deeply their practice. Here we cover several of the important principles of any Hatha Yoga practice, the breath, the spine and energy in the body.

The day includes:



  • The breath: we look at the anatomy of the breath, specifically the lungs and the nose, and break down the full Yogic breath into detail. This then continues onto a look at the science of pranayama and the use of the breath in asana (posture) work.
  • The spine: the second part of the morning we shall look at the spine. Specifically, the physiology of backward and forward bending, and the management of back pain. We will perform a light Yoga session with emphasis on the spine, to complete this review.


Afternoon - the energy of the body, level 1

 The 5 bodies of man: the afternoon begins with a discussion of Prana (energy) and why it is so integral to the practice of Yoga. This leads to a review of the 5 bodies of man, with a description of each from the physical body to the causal body.

The cakra System: the second part of the afternoon will discuss the purpose of the cakra system in Yoga. We will also perform a practical Yoga session that will work on each cakra in turn to allow a kinesthetic understanding of the information taught.

Although there are no prerequisites for this workshop, at least some exposure to Yoga will certainly enhance your experience.


Polarity of Energy (level 2) and Introduction into Meditation - 1 day


6 hours

 This workshop builds upon 'the breath, the spine and the energy of the body' workshop, going into the principles that can deepen your practice even further.

Polarity of the energy is depicted in the name Hatha (Ha - Sun, tha - Moon) and in the famous symbols Shiva (masculine) and Shakti (feminine) of Tantra Yoga. We will explore this absolutely fundamental aspect of Yoga, which can be used as a tool for your daily life, far beyond the physical postures of Yoga. Alongside this there shall be an introduction into meditation. Meditation is a very practical tool available to everyone for their evolution, this is a gentle initiation into the basics for those wishing to understand this aspect of practice better, or begin a regular practice of their own.

The morning shall begin with a discussion of the nature of polarity in general, and with reference to the cakra system and the postures of Hatha Yoga. We shall then perform a practical Yoga session together using the principles learned to reinforce the theory.

The afternoon session will describe the benefits of meditation and outline a few methods in which you are able to begin practice. This will be followed by some practical tips, and then we shall perform some meditation together to end the workshop. Attendance on 'The Breath, the Spine and the Energy of the Body (level 1)' or at least 6 months regular attendance to White Lotus Yoga classes is a prerequisite for this workshop.


NLP and Yoga - 'The Science of Evolution - Helping You, Help Yourself' - 2 days

7.5 hours: 10 - 6.30pm (with lunch break)

We all know that what Yoga teaches us is good for us, but sometimes we find the 'yogic lifestyle' of good diet, regular practice and calm a little out of reach. This is an exciting workshop as it brings together, the 'why it is good' of Yoga and the 'how to' of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to help you move towards a more holistic You.

We will introduce these two highly effective personal development systems in tandem showing how they can work together to help you with your day to day living.

The workshop will begin with a light physical Yoga practice, suitable for all and voluntary. This will be followed by an introduction to the NLP and Yoga systems. We will then explore how some of the famous Niyamas - Self Disciplines - of the Patanjali Sutra's Ashtanga system, can be approached using various NLP techniques. For example, Yoga advocates purity of the body, while NLP helps you to give up any addictions that may hinder your progress. Throughout the day we shall be mixing theory with practice, so you shall be trying on everything you are taught as we go. (Please note that this is not a physcial Yoga workshop, the morning sessions are the only time asanas will be performed.)

Yoga is not only a practice to benefit the physical body, the Yoga system can enter every facet of our lives, helping to enrich them and giving us the tools to live in a more harmonious way. The NLP tools taught on this course offer a very useful insight into how we can powerfully integrate these teachings into our lives with greater ease.

This is a very interesting workshop for those new to Yoga, and experienced Yogis alike as it offers a modern angle to ancient teachings. There are no prerequisites for this workshop.


NLP and Yoga - 'Understanding your Mind' - 2 days

7.5 hours: 10 - 6.30pm (with lunch break)

This is the second part of the 'NLP and Yoga' series. One of the greatest benefits of the Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) system is the understanding you can achieve about the nature of the mind. This understanding is a very powerful first step to the training of the mind - as the increase in awareness, is in itself, progression towards our goal.

The day begins with a light Yoga practice, suitable for all. This will be followed by a look at the nature of the mind from an NLP standpoint. We will discuss the NLP techniques around the Yamas of Patanjalis Sutras, for example looking at contentment and how to create harmonious relationships in your life. The afternoon will be more practical with the introduction of some NLP interventions can be used to help with the mind on a daily basis. For example, 'reframing' can help dissolve a negative emotional pattern of, say, anger, that has occupied a lot of mental and emotional energy in the past. We will complete the day with a review of meditation, the benefits and suggested techniques for beginning a regular practice.

This workshop can offer insight to those who already study the workings of the mind from a spiritual or intellectual perspective. It is suitable for those with no Yoga practice, and experienced Yogis alike. Part 1 of the 'NLP and Yoga' weekend, or a basic working knowledge of NLP is considered helpful for the participation in this workshop, but not a requirement.