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"Thank you so much for everything, I have learned more about myself in the last year than in my whole life and I owe it to you, Julie and Sue. Thank you."

Yoga Teacher Training, Glasgow 2012

"Thank you for being a wonderful, inspiration, you are a passionate and wonderful teacher."

Yoga Teacher Training, Glasgow 2012

"Marit's classes are quite different from the norm. She gives you a real insight into the spirit and aim of the yogic philosophy, her sessions are thought provoking and inspirational. I think it is fair to say that she has changed the way my body feels, and influenced my perspective on life. Her teahcing direction when it comes to asanas is very particular and creates a good understanding of what you are trying to achieve physically, at the same time helping you to achieve your full potential. I am a fitter and wiser person. Thank you."

Pat, Glasgow intermediate class 2012.

"Thank you for sharing all your love,knowledge and enthusiasm for Yoga."

Stephen, Glasgow 2012

"I have been doing yoga with Marit for the past 6 years, It has been a constant joy and inspiration having her as a teacher. Her enthusiasm and knowledge are boundless. It has changed my life and I incorporate it into my daily schedule as its benefits are huge. The asanas improved my posture and balance and the pranayama and meditation have improved my humour and general attitude. It has such a positive effect that my husband once joked that he would pay me to keep going to Yoga with Marit!"

Wendy,Glasgow private student 2012  

"You are one of the most inspirational people I have met. You are a natural teacher. You have definately found your calling in life...the people of Glasgow have no idea how lucky they are."

David, Glasgow Hatha class, 2010

"I would jump at the chance to do a workshop with you - you really inspired me to learn more!"
Yoga Teacher, Glasgow, 07

"...the workshop on Saturday was fantastic - it was great to get more extended lectures and feel that I really got more into the breathing properly as a result of really understanding the anatomy. Would love more workshops in the future!"
Anna, Glasgow, 07

"Wanted to say how much I have enjoyed the classes. .... Your patience with old duffers like me is appreciated!"
Scott, Glasgow, 07

"Expert guidance and compassionate teachings. The deep relaxation techniques (as well as the chakra work) stuck in my mind. .."Imagine drifitng out of your body........ till you see your outline below, then Glasgow, Scotland, Europe , the woorld then finally the twinkling stars and the vastness of deep space" . I can still hear Marit's cheerful voice sounding in my head." Sam, Tantra class, 2007

"I was fascinated and inspired by what you said, and would love to come to any workshop run by yourself"
Yoga teacher, Perth, 07

I would recommend this class to anyone from a first-time student to a dedicated yogi. It has the perfect balance of meditation and physical endurance but is taught in such a relaxing and therapeutic manner, you hardly realize how hard you are working. I have attended many yoga classes in different styles both in Glasgow and the USA and this is certainly my favourite.
Marit guides you every step of the way and each class you are stronger and able to work harder than the last. I could certainly feel the difference in my body and mind after a session and throughout the year was able to take that calming sensation home as well. It is truly incredible how something so soothing as yoga practice can tone and strengthen your body, especially in places most other forms of exercise neglect.
Katie Johanson, USA, 06

"I loved your pranayama session the other day and have been using it ever since!"
Yoga teacher, Birnam, 07

I suffer from astro arthritis, and Yoga has done more for me than anti-inflamatories or pain killers have ever done. I was sceptical at first but do believe in not knocking something until I have tried it. I liked it and benefited from it so much that I even persuaded my work colleagues to have a lunchtime yoga session with Marit. Yoga is for everyone.
Stan MacLoed, Glasgow, 06

I wanted to let you know that your yoga-class is a wonderful and very special experience. My friend and I would have not made it through our year in Glasgow as nicely relaxed if it hadn't been for you!
Please keep on doing what you are because I am sure it is helping everybody else as much as it did us!
Lili Grobien, Germany, 06

Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your classes -- they are just what I need to de-stress and grow my consciousness. I feel much more centred after one of your classes.
Matthew Newnham, Edinburgh, 06

I have better posture, more energy, more relaxed, I am moving probably think I am mad to see results so quickly! I just wish I had come across Marit's classes sooner in my life.
Marie Garvey, Glasgow, 05

I completed a 10 week course at the university before coming to Marit, and din just one of her classes I learned more than in the entire course.
Julie Maitland, Glasgow west end, 05