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White Lotus aims to offer a Yoga service which looks at your physical, mental and spiritual well being. If you come to a class this is roughly what to expect, however the classes change each week so this is generalised. At the bottom of the page are the answers to some of the questions that I am asked regularly.

Physical - During one of my classes you should expect to feel as if your body has had a physical work out. I adjust each class to try and stretch every person in the room. Each class has a specific structure to it and may work on a particular aspect of your body (from twists and back bending to opening your hips) or build up to a particular asana (posture).  The focus changes with every class so that your flexibility, knowledge of your body, and experience of the Yoga postures increases weekly. There are a variety of ability classes and for those who are fitter and looking for a challenge the intermediate level and meditation classes will certainly give you that opportunity.

Mental - A lot of people come to Yoga to relax their minds, as well as work on their bodies. In every class you will have the opportunity to perform some systemised breathing techniques (leading up to full Pranayama in the more advanced classes) which is extremely effective for calming the mind. Throughout the posture work there may be some use of specific mental focus which can help quieten your mind as well as deepen your Yoga practice. In some classes I also introduce meditation techniques. Finally, the fully guided relaxation (Yoga Nidra) at the end of class (many of my pupils favourite part of the class!) allows a fantastic opportunity to completely relax your body and mind leaving you feeling rejuvenated and rested. Even without specific effort, the attending of a class regularly can make you feel more centred and calm.

Spiritual - Taking the time to sit quietly and meditate, and also the relaxation, can influence you at a spiritual level. It can assist in everyday issues of how to become happier and more contented, as well as be used as a path to enlightenment. Each person can work with this aspect of Yoga to whatever level is correct for them. If you wish to further your personal practice, or are curious about this fascinating and deeply rewarding aspect of Yoga, then please feel free to talk to me about it directly. Yoga can ultimately be a purely spiritual practice. It can include people of all religions, and the practice of Yoga can even help deepen a person's connection with their chosen religion.


Frequently asked questions:

What do I need to wear? There is no special requirement regarding dress. I recommend that you wear clothes made from natural fibres (like cotton), that are easy to move in, and comfortable.

What do I need to bring? Please bring a Yoga mat (if you forget your mat then I provide a selection, but be warned, these can run out!), if you have any blocks or belts then please feel free to bring them, also, I recommend bringing a rug for the final relaxation to cover your body as it cools down. (The classes held in the Yoga Healing Studio in the west end have plenty of mats, blocks, blankets provided.)

What level of class should I attend?- The classes run in 6 week blocks, getting progressively more advanced throughout the term so that there is a natural advancing which leads to the next level. If you are an absolute beginner, I recommend that you start at the beginning of a term and in a beginners level class. If you have experience and are happy to try the intermediate level class then feel free to come along.

How much do classes cost?- - Drop in classes are 9 per class, or a block of 6 weeks is 48 (7, 35 for full time students). The block booking classes are 48 / 35 for the 6 week block and have specific dates in which the block will begin (it is possible to join half way through a block if it is not full and the charge will be 9 x nu of classes left in block).

Can I join at any time?  Our Monday evening Hatha Yoga class, and Wednesday Bearsden and Milngavie classes, are drop-in classes and you are welcome to join at any time. All the other classes are block booking and start on a specific day and run 6 weeks together. Sometimes there are spaces on a block and it is possible to join during the block time, please contact us to find out if this is the case.

If you have any other questions please write to